Please note: we send tracking information via our shop system, when order did ship. In most countries you can use this tracking information at your local postal service. The tracking details are also stored in the shop, so you can sign in and check.
We never inform you, when we receive payments, as we try to ship asap.

We are using Deutsche Post / DHL as parcel services. International shipments to other continents: if tracking shows "Hamburg" as last scan, the parcel was shipped via seafreight by ship. There will be no scan til the ship arrives. In the current situation we try to work with other parcels services, too, when postal service / DHL is blocking countries. For US shipments we are also using UPS, so please make sure, it is a street address, that is served by UPS.

All Shipping Costs:
Land / Country in Euro
Deutschland / Germany 4,99
Russland / Russia 19,96
Schweiz / Switzerland 9,98
Ukraine 19,96
Schweden / Sweden 9,98
Finnland / Finland 9,98
Singapur / Singapore 19,96
Großbritannien / United Kingdom 9,98
Japan 19,96
Norwegen / Norway 9,98
Irland / Ireland 9,98
Italien / Italy 9,98
Tschechische Republik / Czech Republic 9,98
Ungarn / Hungary 9,98
Liechtenstein / Liechtenstein 9,98
Frankreich / France 9,98
Portugal / Portugal 9,98
Spanien / Spain 9,98
Griechenland / Greece 9,98
Dänemark / Denmark 9,98
USA / USA 19,96
Kanada / Canada 19,96
Australien / Australia 19,96
Europa / Europe (except AT, BeNeLux) 9,98
weitere / others 19,96

If you order (only valid per order - except Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg) ) for 100 Euro to 199,99 Euro, we deduct 4,99 Euro from the shipping/handling costs; from 200 to 299,99 Euros we deduct 9,98 Euros from your shipping/handling costs; from 300 to 399,99 Euros we deduct 14,97 Euros from your shipping costs; ....  We adjust shipping/handling costs, when items are returned based on the order value, you kept.
Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg (only valid per order): order value -14,99 Euros shipping/handling 7,99 Euros; order value 15,00-99,99 Euros shipping/handling 4,99 Euros; order value 100,00 and more free shipping/handling.
Important Notice

Please note the following procedures:
Shipping Damages should be reported to the delivering agent immediately upon receipt when you sign for it. Subsequently, inform Modellpferdeversand of the reported shipping damage. If you plan to return any items, please inform us before doing so by Email, Fax or Phone.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.