Our ideas for Pferd International 2011 in Munich / Germany

Firstly the most important information is the date - the 2nd to the 5th June 2011 – our booth will be in the exhibitor’s tent middle entrance (booth number Z 27).

We are going to continue our charity work for the CBM, in Munich, during the Pferd International.   According to the information provided by the CBM, our activities last year with Schleich Special Isabell Werth’s Satchmo, allowed the CBM to carry out 275 cataract operations.


What are we offering this year to support the CBM?

Bullyland is repeating their support of the “Paint your own horse” event, as they did in 2010.  This will be at the CBM booth in the exhibitor’s tent in front of the middle entrance.

As we realised that there was a demand for plush horses last year, Teddy Hermann has created an “Isabell Werth Blanket” for a plush horse.  This horse (with sound) and blanket set (the edition will be limited to 250 at 21,00 Euro each set) will be offered at Pferd International 2011 for the first time.

Of course we will have our 2011 special run model horse – Isabell Werth’s El Santo NRW (Ernie) sculpted by Brigitte Eberl and produced by Bullyland:

ernie_bemal_1.JPG (27825 Byte) Erniemal2.JPG (115517 Byte) ernie_bemal_2.JPG (26125 Byte)
ernie_bemal_5.JPG (15975 Byte) ernie_bemal_4.JPG (27730 Byte) ernie_bemal_3.JPG (24792 Byte)

This model will be a limited edition.  2500 will be available.  It will be on offer for the first time at our booth at Pferd International 2011 for EURO 8, 50.  Ernie is now available in our online shop.  Isabell Werth intends to sign model Ernies beforehand, so we should have the signed version available at Pferd International. 

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If you are interested how Ernie came into existence as a model horse, please click here.


As Isabell Werth plans to be competing at Pferd International, we are sure she will give autographs as she did last year (first time is planned Thursday - these events will be advertised at our booth and the CBM booth):

Source: Christoffel Blindenmission / CBM

The CBM booth will be located at the middle entrance outside the exibitor’s tent (booth number M 29).





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